Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Welcome to Oak-and-Sage's notebook. Here you will find record of natural wonders, procedures for making various unusual things, and brief notes on what sorts of activities I am currently pursuing.

I am an amateur naturalist, kitchen chemist, and craftsperson from the foothills of the Transverse Range in southern California. I respect but do not always follow the scientific method; I try very hard to keep notes of my observations and projects, and I have always regretted it when I do not, so this is my attempt to record my observations online where they will be of some use to the world.

Some of the posts in here will refer to observations made in the distant past. I will attempt to place these posts at the appropriate past date and mark them as backdates. In such cases, the date may be approximate. I will attempt to refrain from using confusing language such as "last year" in such posts.

The photo with this post is a fire road in the mountains near Soledad Canyon Road, Canyon Country, CA. It was taken in December 2006; I have not visited this region since the October 2007 fires.

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