Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What is OakAndSage up to?

I have been spinning for a bit over a month and a half, I think.

Current (in progress) spinning projects:

* Mixed bag wool/silk/rayon for novelty yarn. I spun about half the gallon bag into laceweight and it is awaiting plying. Ply once, do a segment of the yarn-sampler-scarf, then ply again. I'm considering socks, because it looks like it would make very warm, comfortable socks. Photo to follow.

* Merino respin. My first spinning attempt was some merino that Mothie gave me, and I totally mangled it. Although I could keep it as a record of how terribly I spun back then, it's so chunky that it's easy to pull open and treat as roving. I've spun a large quantity of actually *nice* unplied (as yet) yarn out of just a few inches of the original, and I haven't even had to discard anything. It's interesting watching the yarn get thinner and more even as I go (from 'unusable' towards 'chunky novelty yarn') and I think I'll probably save a foot or so out of the back in a notebook somewhere, if I can get around "But this is quality merino! It could make *yards* of decent yarn instead of a foot of crappy yarn!"

It amazes me how little twist you can put into merino and have it stick together. It's beautiful stuff. I definitely want to spin more merino, now that I know what I'm doing.

Tomorrow I get to go to the Weaver's Cottage and see what new stuff to spin I can find! (I spun half a gallon bag and all that merino in, errr... 3 days. Pity me with your sarcastic pity!)

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